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Desert Elephant


Help us make a difference and support the survival of African Elephants by purchasing an African wildlife print. By purchasing one of our prints, you will be supporting and NGO that teaches rural farming communities the importance of coexistence with local wildlife. Our partnering conservation organisation Elephants for Africa works closely with communities to ensure that Elephants passing through are not be harmed and the community will remain safe as well. This amazing organisation is constantly constructing research to ensure Elephant safety and provides workshops and educational courses for local communities for a healthier coexistence.

By donating to the cause and purchasing one of our Prints 4 Africa, you will be playing a role in protecting African Elephants from the expanding and forever growing human population. African Elephants have been at risk for many years due to poaching and human conflict it is up to us as conservationists to do our part in protecting them. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Elephants for Africa and their mission to protect the African Elephants.

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$ 250.00

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$ 250.00

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$ 250.00

What is Prints for Africa?

Untamed Photo Safaris has developed a charitable project with the efforts to give back to our African conservationists. Without conservation organizations around the world, we would not have the opportunity to photograph the most incredible wildlife species on Earth. We owe it to the conservationists. To do our part, we have created Prints for Africa.  Prints for Africa is a project designed to support a conservation Non-government Organization Elephants for Africa. Our clients have the opportunity to donate their favourite African wildlife photographs for us to sell online and around the world. Clients who donate their photos will be recognized on each print sold, with 100% of the profit going to Elephants for Africa, to help the protection of Elephants in Africa through research and education.

The Mission

 Elephants for Africa  aims to understand the daily needs of elephants and humans and seek local solutions for local problems. The NGO strives to protect, conserve, and educate to ensure a future for wild populations of African Elephant and move towards humans and wildlife coexisting.

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Our Efforts


As Untamed Photo Safaris is all about helping you gain those photographic techniques that you need along with creating an exciting journey, we also take pride in giving back and helping NGO's. With help from some of our generous clients, we engage with donating wildlife images to the charitable projects that work with the survival of Elephants and communities, helping spread the word of conservation to the public.

With many thanks to other photographers that take part in our workshops, tours and expeditions, money from each print has begun to make an impact on the community's education with the survival and coexistence with Elephants. 

Desert Elephants


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