Where will your camera lead you next?

Untamed Photo Safaris offers our guests many wildlife photographic destinations, all of which highlighting an entirely different variety of wildlife and environments. A great place to start is to ask yourself what you are interested in photographing and see where this takes you. African wildlife varies around the continent so we will need to dig a little deeper if you are thinking about an African Safari. Each country hold something special for our photography clients to experience while on tour with us. Take a look at some of the highlights of each of our incredibly unique photo tour destinations.


Here are the main wildlife highlights of each destination:

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Make sure you choose the destination that is right for you and your photographic needs by speaking to one of our professionals directly.


How much time will you spend traveling?

Another big influence to consider while planning your photo tour is time. How much time can you spend away from home, away from work, the family, etc. If you are doing a private/exclusive tour with Untamed Photo Safaris, our professionals recommend a minimum of 5 days for safari. The more time you spend on safari, the better results you will get, after all, we only work with wild animals (no sanctuaries, zoos, enclosures, bating, etc. With this being said, we understand taking endless amount of time away is not always possible. Our specialists will do their best to provide you with as many photographic opportunities as possible. Contact us with regarding questions about our recommendations for each destination here 


How do you prefer to travel?

Deciding how you prefer to travel is an important factor when choosing your next photo holiday.  Would you prefer to be in a group with other budding photographers? Maybe you would you prefer to go on a private photo safari with your partner? Bring a group of photographer friends along with you?


We offer flexibility for all of the above

Our Small Group Tours are great for wildlife photographers of all skill levels that would like to socialize with other photographers, learn new techniques from our professional photography guides, be able to share the experience with others just like you, etc. Perfect for the solo photographer.


Our Tailor-made Private Photo Tours are perfect for couples or families wanting to do something more exclusive. We offer family safaris with a minimum age limit of 12 years old. Our Tailor-made Photo Tours are also ideal for those who would like a photo safari designed specially for their photographic needs. If our group tours do not offer your ideal photographic experience, enquire about a Tailor-made Tour to create a unique itinerary for you.

Our PRIVATE GROUP Photo Tours are designed for photography clubs or groups that travel together on their wildlife photography adventures. We work with the club/group to create the ideal itinerary that best suits your group. Choose between any of our incredible photo destinations for your next group safari/tour. Our expert photographers are happy to offer any photographic guidance/tutorials throughout your trip in order to guarantee you get the best shots possible during your time with us.


Selecting your next wildlife photography tour

Our tours are tailored to each guest depending on the needs of the photographer. Tours are offered during the prime time of the year to ensure the best sightings and photographic opportunities in each destination. We currently offer private tours for guests of all skill levels. A few examples of what we offer our guests on a private tour:

-  Exclusive Photography Group Safaris: Ideal for photography clubs/groups traveling together. Our exclusive group safaris are tailored to your groups needs and are offered in all of our destinations around the world. Our professionals can offer tutorial sessions for a workshop-based tour, or if the group is more advanced, you can opt out of the tutorials.

- Couples safaris: If you are a keen wildlife photographer and your partner is not, no problem. Our luxurious safari lodges offer plenty of activities for those that are not interested in the photography aspect of things. Your partner can join you on safari or relax around the spa, enjoy Wi-Fi around the lodge, book a massage, book a private yoga session with a certified instructor, enjoy cocktails with a view, and so much more.

- Family Safaris: We offer private/tailor-made family safaris for those who have children that are interested in wildlife or starting to take interest in photography. Our minimum age for our tours is 12 years old. Our family safaris offer a personal touch that involve a more informational approach, teaching children about the importance of wildlife conservation and coexistence.

Untamed Photography Tours’ Specialized Photo Safaris are designed for semi-professional and professional photographers only. These exclusive (4 persons maximum) photo safaris have been created for wildlife photographers and filmmakers that are looking for an intensive photographic tour. With our specialized safari vehicles and expert photography guide and wildlife specialists, this tour is like no other in Africa. These tours are offered exclusively in Kenya and Tanzania.

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Still not sure which tour is best for you?