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Logistics Manager
Tour Operator

From an early age, Jaren Fernley, from Michigan, USA has always had a passion for African Wildlife in particular. Her passion for wildlife photography has driven her to the heart of the Africa where she has gained the knowledge of species ranging from the Mountains of Uganda. to the open plains of Tanzania and through the flat marshes of Botswana.
Jaren joined Untamed Photo Safaris in 2017 where she took the role of Logistics Manager and Tour Operator for the company. Her love of wildlife drove her to reach out to bring wildlife photography enthusiasts to experience wildlife like no other. Her role with Untamed Photo Safaris brought kindness and helpful communications with all guests prior all of the tours. On each African photo tour, her enthusiastic knowledge of wildlife brings enlightenment to educating all guests during their photographic adventure.


Jaren continues to commence with her wildlife photography especially with large mammals of the great African continent. She has explored a vast amount of countries of Africa such as Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and more, where here wildlife photography has caught the eye of many viewers and learners of African wildlife photography.

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