Voted as one of the most unique locations to go on safari in Africa, Namibia located Northwest of South Africa and offers unique landscapes along with wildlife like no other place on Earth. This sandy wilderness is home to one of the most interesting national parks that Africa has to offer named Etosha National Park. This park provides a fascinating white landscape where Ghost Elephants roam the edges of the salt pan, and holds magnificent waterholes that bring large congregations of animals, perfect for wildlife photography. Outside of the national parks, this country holds stunning golden deserts, desert mountains along with its rare desert adapted wildlife. Putting wildlife aside, Namibia is home to the Himba Tribe that brings you a unique, once in a lifetime cultural experience taking you back in time to traditional Africa.


When to visit Namibia


Best Time to Visit

Before planning your trip to Namibia, you must consider what time of year is best to go and what wildlife sighting are best for you. In Namibia, there are no extremely heavy rains but there are curtain times when the weather is comfortable and not too hot.

During the months of May to October, Namibia is at its driest bringing perfect weather for any wildlife photography holiday. During the months of July to October, the ground dries up and making large congregations of animals to gather at waterholes as water is scarce.

During the periods of November to April the rains arrive but, Namibia is one of Africa’s driest destinations so visiting the country during those months may not affect your stay. Our experts do not operate during those months as wildlife is scattered around and congregations of animals are less frequent.

Namibia Photo Tours



  • Chances to photograph rare and magnificent herds of Desert Adapted Elephants that roam freely in the Northwest of the country

  • Photographic opportunities of wildlife congregations around waterholes can make this wildlife hotspot worth visiting

  • Explore the Caprivi Strip located North of the Okavango Delta that is home to an array of wildlife such as Hippopotamus, Elephants and numerous of bird species that make for great wildlife photography

  • Chances to visit the biggest seal colony in the world called Cape Cross where seal photography is endless

  • Photograph the heart of Sossusvlei where the famous dead trees of Deadvlei stand that make for great landscape photography


Not sure which tour is right for you? 

Our experts are here to ensure that you find the right tour for your photographic needs. If you would like any additional information about any destination we offer, please to not hesitate to reach out to our guides. Untamed Photography Tours offers multiple options for our photography guests to ensure that you get your photographic experience of a lifetime.

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Great for beginner or enthusiast/intermediate wildlife photographers who would like to learn new techniques from our professional wildlife photographer, socialize with other photographers, and be able to share the experience with others just like you. With a maximum group size of 6 people, our small group tours are perfect for budding photographers.


Perfect for those who are looking for something more specific and tailored you your exact needs. Whether you are looking for a one-on-one photographic workshop, a couples holiday, or an intensive photographic holiday for the more experienced, we can create the perfect photo holiday for you.


Designed for photography clubs or groups that travel together on their wildlife photography adventures. We work with your club/group to create the ideal itinerary that best suits your group. Our expert photographers are happy to offer any photographic guidance/tutorials throughout your trip in order to guarantee you get the best shots possible during your time with us.

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If you are still not sure where to start when planning your next Namibian photo tour, talk to our experts today and let them help you create your perfect itinerary. Namibia has so much to offer. Having trouble deciding which Southern African country is best for you? Why not do a multi-country tour? Join our small group tour through Namibia and Botswana or create your own tour, selecting the wildlife destinations you prefer to photograph most. Contact us today to start planning your Southern Africa photo tour.