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Giant River Otters of the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Photography Tour, Tambopata, Peru

Located Deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, this private photo tour lead by wildlife photographer Mark A Fernley, took some wildlife photographers deep into the Rainforest of Tambopata. After spending many days on an oxbow lake searching for the many species of birds, we returned with some great results and some happy guests. The guests arrived with Sony FE 600MM F4 GM 0SS Lenses that made the bird photography most enjoyable.

A Morning on the Lake

With an early start, we got up and made our way into the mist that falls on the water's surface. We set out on the catamaran and rowed up and down the oxbow lake. With the Sony FE 600MM F4 GM 0SS Lens, we sailed the lake photographing many species of Kingfisher that darted across the lake creating some fantastic images. Along with the Kingfishers, Hoatzins make for great photographic subjects. The clumsy Hoatzin can almost always be found on the lake edges, about eye level, making for the perfect subject. These rather funny but interesting looking birds make for great photographic opportunities, as they are full of color. A 600mm lens does the job more than well, but a 400mm can also be used to successfully get that sharp shot you desire. With no one on the lake besides us, the calm waters made the backgrounds of our guests images turn out better than we could have expected.

The Giant River Otter Photo Shoot

On day 3 of this Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Photo Tour, we were about to see something that we class as a very special animal here in Peru. The group set out onto the lake and we made our way towards the Yellow and Blue Macaws nesting in the aguajal close to the river. During our slow journey on the catamaran, we noticed two small brown lumps in the distance. Mark immediately had us stop the catamaran and head toward the mysterious swimmers. He told the guests to get ready because we wouldn't have much time. Giant River Otters are extremely rare and they are always one of the highlights of our photography tours here in Peru. With these brown objects emerging and submerging in different spots, we got closer, but not too close. The two Otters swam around the boat at a respectable distance in curiosity. Our boat stood still and we left it up to the Otters to create poses, becoming models for the camera. Two of our guests in possession of the Sony FE 600mm F4 GM OSS Lens managed to get some terrific photographs of these critically endangered Giant River Otters. After just a short amount of time with these magnificent animals, we left them in peace and carried on towards the nesting Macaws for yet more magnificent photographic opportunities.

Photograph BY Guest: Hung Tsui

Photograph by Guest: Hung Tsui

Join us in the Amazon Rainforest or any of our other locations around the world to photograph some of Plant Earth's most unique wildlife. Our team is here to help you get those once in a life time wildlife photographs.


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