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A photo safari in Botswana will immerse you into the natural world of Africa like no other. This land locked country is home to some of the most untouched habitats on the continent, making it one of the prime destinations for a wildlife photographic safari. Botswana offers flood plains, deserts, bushland and salts flats, all encompassing their own unique ecosystems.


Botswana provides guests with a truly authentic African bush experience for the more adventurous wildlife photographers. Our partnered lodges provide luxury accommodation allowing wildlife photographers to relax after each adventurous photoshoot in the wilderness.


As Botswana is full of a variety of strong environments, traveling to each destination can be difficult. For our lodges that are built in hard-to-get destinations, chartered flights are our preferred mean of travel to get from lodge to lodge quickly allowing guests to observe the remarkable view of Africa’s wilderness and wildlife from the air.


Time of Year


Best Time to Visit

A very important thing to consider when travelling for wildlife photography is the time of the year you intend on travelling. Botswana is a great destination for wildlife photography almost all year long, providing an array of different photographic opportunities in different season. Untamed Photo Safaris offers clients the opportunity to visit Botswana during the month of June.

Why June? June in Botswana is a time of incredible transition. Between the wet season and the dry season. Wildlife flourishes throughout the country in every destination. The deserts are still full of life, the wetlands are starting to fill with Elephants and Buffalo, but the waters are still low, making predators easy to spot, and the bush is thriving! June is our favourite time of year to photograph a variety of wildlife in multiple ecosystems throughout the country

During the drier times of the year, wildlife has left the desert and bushlands to arrive in the river systems where they have a comfortable water supply. While this makes for great photography in itself, guests are not able to experience the wildlife that flourished in the rest of the incredible country of Botswana. The drier times also come with hotter days, making predators rest under trees, Hippos stay in the water, and other wildlife generally hide from the African sun during the heat of the day. 

The rains come during the months of November to February, making photographic safaris a bit difficult and risky for camera gear. The rain also fills dried waterholes and rivers around the country allowing wildlife to spread to every corner. This minimizes your chances to spot wildlife in large numbers.


  • Photograph large herds of African Elephants and Cape Buffalo as they make their way into the Okavango Delta in their hundreds

  • Great chances of photographing African predators such as Wild Dog, Cheetah, Lion and Leopard

  • Fantastic Bird photography in the Okavango Delta and the Kwando Reserve located along the Kwando River separating Namibia and Botswana

  • Photograph Elephants from the comfort of your tent as they pass through during lunch 

  • The Okavango Delta is a breading ground for hundreds of bird species. Enjoy photographing the migratory and residential birds easily found around the property

Nxai Pan Camp - Main Area
photo opps
Lagoon Camp - Wildlife  untamed photo safaris
Lagoon Camp - Game Drive untamed photo safaris
Lagoon Camp - Wildlife - untamed photo safaris

Learn More About the Locations:

Nxai Pan Camp - Baines Baobabs - untamed photo safaris

Nxai Pan here in Botswana is located in the centre of this vast country. The pans were once part of the super lake that covered much of central Botswana, including Lake Ngami and the Okavango Delta. The landscape is largely covered by grassland and dotted with clusters of umbrella acacia trees and mopane woodland to the north. During the rains, from November to late March, the landscape changes to lush green, the pans become covered in succulent grasses which attract large herds of antelope.


Bird life during this period is prolific, many species being different to what one would see in the Delta – it is definitely a birders paradise. The area is well known for large numbers of springbok and elephant and during rainy season zebra migrate to the region. Giraffe and oryx are also often seen in the area in large herds with up to 30 in a group. These large herds attract many predators – lion, cheetah, jackal, spotted and brown hyena and sometimes the endangered wild dog and the secretive leopard The desert camps make a perfect contrast to the Okavango Delta and Northern Botswana regions, a great way to start or round off any trip.

If you are unsure on how to start planning your Botswana wildlife photo holiday, we are here to help. Our specialists have been working in the area for years and are the perfect people to talk to when it comes to making sure you are choosing the right tour for you. Speak to one of us today to consider your options. Botswana is full of variety and we want our photography guests to see a bit of it all, offering guests one of the most exclusive photo safaris in Botswana. Why wait? Speak with an expert today!

Nxai Pan Camp - Luxury Room -untamed photo safaris


  • Our photography experts and local guides offer the most exclusive experience in Botswana. Feel like you are the only ones around during our Fly Around Botswana photo safaris

  • Photograph hundreds of different species from Big Cats, Birds, Elephants, Hyena, Giraffe, Zebra, and so much more

  • Traveling to three remote locations in Botswana provides guests with three unique landscapes. Grow your portfolio with a variety of backdrops for your many subjects

  • Our all-inclusive Botswana photo tours include 4 domestic chartered flights to get you on safari quickly. No long hours on the road transferring from one lodge to the next

  • Guests can expect nothing less than complete professionalism from our expert photography leaders, tour operators, local guides, and accommodation staff during their entire journey with Untamed Photo Safaris

Moremi Crossing Camp - untamed photo safaris
Moremi Crossing Camp - Game Drive - untamed photo safaris
Lagoon Camp - untamed photo safaris

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact our experts with any questions or concerns regarding any of our Botswana Wildlife Photography Tour options. We are always eager to help you plan your next photographic holiday in one of our unbelievable destinations. For more information or to enquire about our Botswana Photography Tours, click the link below to speak directly with your tour leader.

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