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Untamed Photo Safaris is here to take you on a photographic journey into some of the most biodiverse locations in Africa. Our safari destinations have been carefully selected by our experts, to provide our clients with the the best wildlife sightings and photographic opportunities. In each location, our photo trips provide an experience like no other, helping you gain professional wildlife photographs and offer guests an authentic African safari experience.



Untamed Photo Safaris is not just here to offer a photo holiday. We are so much more than that. What makes us stand out from our competitors is our passion for what we do. We care for our clients and we care for the animals in which we are photographing. A few things that we do differently:

Our difference


Mark A Fernley and Jaren A Fernley founded Untamed Photo Safaris with two major goals in mind: to share our passion for wildlife with others and spread awareness of wildlife conservation through photography.

By offering wildlife photography tours to guests, we are able share our love for nature with our guests. We are true naturalists that love to see our clients faces light up like ours does the first time they capture that amazing photograph they have always dreamt of. 

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Why trust Untamed Photo Safaris?

Personal interactions with the tour leaders, from start to finish

We are flexible with your photographic needs, making sure you get the best out of your photographic holiday

Our expert photographers and tour leaders have personally created, tested, and approved each tour destination

Untamed Photo Safaris works with some of the top lodges in each destination, ensuring the safety, comfort, and professionalism our guests deserve

We work closely with professional guides, photographers, and naturalists with years of experience in each location to provide the best possible experience and wildlife photography opportunities for each guest

Trust us
Moremi Air - Botswana - untamed photo safaris


We work with some of the top lodges in the industry in each destination we offer, ensuring that our photography guests are given the best care and hospitality during their stay with us. With top of the tier lodging and professionals, our clients are guaranteed high quality care at all times. 


Untamed Photo Safaris works with organisations and national parks around the African continent that also share the same goal as us: nature and wildlife conservation. Our services in Africa, provide jobs for local people who's ambition is to protect the survival of these fascinating animals. It is important that we visit these national parks where your photo safari will bring in funding to help protect wildlife and help these unique areas co exist.

Give back

Why choose Untamed Photo Safaris
for your next
photography holiday?

  • Untamed Photo Safaris is run by two wildlife photography and nature enthusiasts. Professional Wildlife Photographers Mark A Fernley and wife, Jaren A Fernley bring a unique experience to each of Untamed Photo Safaris' photo tours. 

  • Each photo tour/safari has been hand picked and designed by us, putting thought into every detail, no matter how big or small. 

  • We work with our clients directly to ensure they are selecting the perfect tour for them.

  • Untamed Photo Safaris takes pride in sharing their photographic knowledge and wildlife expertise with each client, and we love seeing our clients faces light up when they get that perfect photograph they had been dreaming of. It is our pleasure to share our love for wildlife photography with our guests.

  • Our guests have the confidence of dealing with true experts in the industry. You will always feel welcomed by the Untamed Photo Safaris team.

Burchell's Zebra, untamed photo safaris
Why Choose Us
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