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Photo Safari at the Okaukuejo Waterhole, Etosha

Located just outside of the Okaukuejo Camp here in Etosha National Park, Namibia, lies the famous Okaukuejo waterhole. This waterhole attracts many wildlife photographers and filmmakers that take advantage of this fantastic gathering of multiple species. This among other waterholes here in Etosha, is one of the few places in the world that holds large gatherings of many different animals. If you are a wildlife photography enthusiast, this waterhole provides you with photographs that show zebra, elephant, giraffe, springbok, gemsbok, and much more in one frame.

The images shown below were taken in the heat of the day, just before we sat down for lunch. This sighting was not even rare, as we often see this on a daily occurrence here in Etosha.

A selection of great images by Jaren A Fernley

great wildlife sightings at the waterholes of etosha by Jaren A Fernley, untamed photo safaris

Elephant joins a herd of Zebra drinking among many local Springbok.

wildlife congregation at okaukuejo waterhole , etosha by Jaren A Fernley

Close headshot of Etosha's famous Ghost Elephants

gemsbok photography, okaukuejo waterhole, etosha, by Jaren A Fernley

The arrival of the Gemsbok herd

african elephant drinks the water from the okaukuejo waterhole in etosha national park by Jaren A Fernley

Female Elephant cools off under the mid-day sun

elephant plays in the water at the okaukuejo waterhole

Play time

Do you want to get involved? Then join our next Namibia - Botswana photographic safari with Mark and Jaren. The wildlife photographed during this Southern African camping photo tour exceeds your expectations. For any wildlife photography enthusiast, this photo safari will get you up close to some of the best African wildlife, where you will be submerged into the great wilderness allowing you to enjoy camping under the African stars.


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